Inventory digitalization to lower barriers of entry

Go to market strategy that will allow small to medium size businesses automate and manage their inventory and e-commerce sales similarly to large corporations.

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PayServices streamlines your business

with state of the art tools to increase productivity.

You benefit from a myriad of rich features

Cost effective

For a fraction of the cost that others offer, you benefit from a myriad of rich features that are traditionally very expensive for small and medium business.

>No need for a dedicated IT person to enroll

Simplicity of enrollment

No need for a dedicated IT person to enroll. Create an account and manage your business directly from desktop or mobile app.

The system
                                    switches the purchase order into an actual

No maintenance (self contained)

Because of the simplicity of our cloud based inventory control platform, there is no maintenance required from your business to stay updated.

Comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see your entire business operation

Available on Desktop and Mobile app.

PayServices offers a comprehensive dashboard

PayServices offers a comprehensive dashboard enabling your business with visibility and analytics with your inventory of products and their corresponding profiles of information. This application is available from a desktop computer and via the PayServices mobile app allowing you to create and edit products, as well to set prices and track sales.

e-commerce platform

to sell on the internet

As part of our offering, you automatically get (as a package deal), the ability to create your own customizable webpage and online store to sell on the internet directly to consumers and manage orders placed on your dedicated webpage.

The ability to create your own customizable webpage

Wholesale store

for the medium to large businesses with more comprehensive needs

Inventory control system

PayServices inventory control system can enable businesses of any size to sell to consumers, retailers, and wholesale suppliers. The platform is well positioned to manage the supply chain of products across the globe with traceability, transparency and accountability. The inventory profiles of products is embedded at the heart of PayServices' digitalized global trade and compliance system.

Warehouse management solutions

PayServices inventory control system offers a warehouse management solution allowing for the easy tracking and identification of items available on premises with their specifications such as location, weight, dimensions, etc.

Warehouse management solution

Compliance driven inventory

PayServices Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Leveraging PayServices' own experience in a highly regulated industry as a financial institution, the inventory control system integrates into the PayServices Artificial Intelligence (AI) compliance and monitoring system that allows for notification and indications as to possible compliance and/or non-compliance based on products specifications. For example: items containing components (e.g. ingredients such as gluten for food or polyester for yoga mats) that may be forbidden to be sold in specific jurisdictions and geographical areas.

Although the AI monitoring system is constantly updated, the AI will identify possible requirements and limitations as a complementary service for the business to the best of available information. This efficient solution is provided "as is" without any guarantee that the indications provided as a courtesy are final as laws and regulations are fluid and subject to change at any moments notice.

One inventory, multiple channels

Realtime synchronization and multichannel support

Thanks to realtime synchronization and multichannel support, with the PayServices inventory control, you manage one inventory for both the face-to-face, online and business to business sales.

Supply chain efficiency

The platform allows your organization to streamline processes and efficiently manage the digital creation of warehouse and inventory related documents and tracking of movements for a complete end to end integration of the supply chain from manufacturers, wholesale retailers and consumers.

Streamline processes and efficiently manage


Pay As You Go with a 30-day trial

Prices subject to change at any time without prior notice

For the first 30 days you can enjoy up to 10 items free of charge in your inventory control system. Once the trial period is expired, you will be charged $1 per item per month.

$1 per item per month. Minimum $10.

To enable this subscription, you will be redirected to the PayServices website.

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